About the Author

Jon DeCles Jon DeCles has been writing professionally since 1964.  He was known primarily as a short story writer until 1984 when his first novel appeared.  Three years later he produced “The Particolored Unicorn,” a Science Fantasy which is the first volume of a projected twelve volume epic.  The second volume, “Storm Wars!” is now published and available, while the third volume, “The Revenge of the Countess,” is well begun.  A collection of his  short Science Fiction, Science Fantasy, and Fantasy, is also in the works.

In the early 1960s he  was adopted as foster brother to  Marion Zimmer Bradley and Paul Edwin Zimmer, and in the late 1960s married Diana L. Paxson; their son, Ian Michael Grey has also begun a literary career with the recent publication of his first stories.

When not at his mountain writing lodge he can be seen on stage doing character parts, the most celebrated of which is his portrayal of the young Mark Twain.  In that capacity he was Dead Guest of Honor at  the World Science Fiction Convention in San Francisco in 1993, a convention which also honored Mary Shelly and H. G. Wells.  He keeps good company, at least among dead people.

He also composes music, makes sculpture, and studies Japanese Tea Ceremony.